Robert Bukowski was born in Szczecin, Poland.Classical music is his true passion and he composes it because as he says:"Only this kind of music can be called true art, and its compositions real masterpieces".Johann Sebastian Bach in organ music and Ludwig van Beethoven in piano and symphonic music have been his great leading masters from the very beginning.They were those he mainly draw the knowledge and the inpiration from, establishing them as models from the very beginning.
Music genres he creates:classical music, film music, electronic and ambient music, metal/rock.
For many years, with remarkable passion, he has explored and still explores the secrets of music and apart from discovering the already existing secrets, he has also created his own ones, becoming renowned in a still growing group of artists from all over the world as well as among ordinary music lovers and at the same time learning the skills of a composer, a music producer, a recording producer, a keyboardist, a pianist and an organist.His well developed, masterly skills resulted in the composition of extraordinary music, which is proofed by his compositions.