In 2019, I released another album with classical and film music "Seven". 

It is melancholic and dark music. 

It contains works for orchestra and symphonic choirs, for piano and organ.

The album contains 8 tracks:
1. Haunted Necropolis
2. Dark Memories
3. Autumn Nostalgy
4. Longing
5. Opus
6. Romantic Gardens
7. BWV
8. Wrath of God

I invite you

You can listen to it and purchase it here in electronic form in the Bandcamp store



In 2011, was released my first CD of classical music "Looking into the Mirrors of the Past" , which has gained recognition among the experts of the genre, as well as among many listeners.

The CD contains 7 tracks:

1. The Storm

2. Gates of the chuch

3. The Marriage

4. The Funeral of the Monk:

- Part of the first, second, third, fourth and fifth final.

5. To the polish Heroes of the Second World War

6. About Wretched Love

7. The Wounded Heart

If you have not had the opportunity to hear it, is cordially invited.

You can listen to it and purchase it here in electronic form in the Bandcamp store,

or in the form of a physical CD here.